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ESSP8266 WIFI Relay Module

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    IoT (Internet of Things) is getting everyone attention and many maker and student are developing it. Out of most of IoT controller, ESP01, the controller that based on ESP8266 IC is most popular. Comes in very compact from factor and it offers 32-bit controller that integrates 2.4GHz WiFi. 

    Now this is not the ESP01 module itself. Instead, this is a plug and use - Relay module for ESP01. With relay that capable of switching AC or DC load, up to 250AC at 10A. The module comes with a socket (2x4) for ESP01 to be stacked on it and it is ready to be powered up, controlling the high voltage and current load such as AC light, motor or any dry contact. Very useful for smart home IoT type development. Of course with many possible application supported by ESP8266, you can easily control the relay from Android phone or iphone, not to forget control from various cloud server.

    The module saves your time to design the circuit for interface, power regulation and power indicator LED. Did I mentioned the module also comes with a reset button for ESP01, awesome!


    • Designed for ESP01 - ESP8266 module, supporting both ESP-01S and ESP-01
    • Built-in Single Pole Double Throw Relay supporting 250AC, max 10A
    • Relay outputs: NC, NO and COM are extended out to screw terminals
    • Operating voltage: 3.7V - 12VDC (support single cell lithium battery)