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Since 2016, Voltaat (previously known as Arduiely) has helped more than 2000 makers in Qatar build projects for their university courses, product development, DIY projects, and even art!

Created by a team of engineers who are focused on empowering you (and all makers) to build projects within your  budget and time. We will help you in every step of the way, and provide you with all the bits and pieces you'll ever need.


Time Saving

We keep it fast, so you can build within your time-frame. Stock is always in Doha, you'll get what you need when you need it. 

Budget Friendly

We were customers before being vendors. We understand your budget limitations. Our components are priced as low a possible,.

Helpful Support

Code not uploading? Too much wiring? Spilled karak on your Arduino? Contact us and we will offer all the help we have! 


Make Hardware Accessible

Not having a credit card or a mail box is no longer an problem. No need to wait for two weeks anymore. We aim to solve the hurdles faced by starters and experts alike.

Focus on Makers

Our aim is not to sell components, but to help you build your project. All our products and services are aligned with this mission. 

Grow Makers Community in Qatar

We take the task of supporting and expanding the community in Qatar to heart, and base our pricing and activities to best achieve this task.

How Voltaat Started  

At the beginning of our studies, doing side projects and messing around with Arduino and Raspberry Pi was our way of having fun. However, ordering parts from abroad (be it USA, China, or Europe) was slow and expensive. This made having fun difficult, and many of our friends faced the same problem. In the junior year of our studies (2016), we decided to launch, which was later re-branded as Our goal is to remove barriers for new starters, support existing experienced developers, expand the maker community in Qatar, and share the fun!