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Single Phase AC Current Sensor (5A)

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    This current sensor is based on a current transformer. A current transformer (CT) is used for measurement of alternating electric currents. When current in a circuit is too high to apply directly to measuring instruments, a current transformer produces a reduced current accurately proportional to the current in the circuit, which can be conveniently connected to measuring and recording instruments. A current transformer isolates the measuring instruments from what may be very high voltage in the monitored circuit.

    • On-board micro precision current transformer
    • Onboard sampling strength
    • The module can measure AC currents less than 5A, the corresponding analog output 5A/5mA
    • Rated Input Current: 5A
    • Rated output current: 5mA
    • PCB size: 18.3 x17 (mm)
    • Turns ratio: 1000: 1
    • Linearity: 0.2%
    • Precision: 0.2
    • Uses Insulation Voltage: 3000 V Measure
    • Sealing material: epoxy resin
    • Operating temperature: -40 °~ + 70 °