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TS101 Soldering Iron

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    The Miniware TS101 Smart Soldering Iron is an upgraded version of the Miniware TS100 Soldering Iron. Based on TS100, TS101 has been upgraded and optimized in performance and function, improving the user experience.

    The TS101 uses DC and PD dual power input. The power range of the popular DC5525 interface has been extended to DC 9-24V (up to 65W). A USB-C interface replaces the original Micro USB interface, which serves for firmware upgrade, and a standard PD power input up to 45W. The temperature adjustment range has also been optimized to 50-400℃ for more application scenarios.

    The tip insertion end of controller fixes the soldering tip with a ball screw - no hex screw to loosen before inserting and removing a tip. The new convenient and practical accessory, an anti-slip cap, can be used as a simple stand to support the iron and prevent it from rolling, but also be used for finger anti-slipping and for removing the soldering tip.

    Package List

    • TS101 Controller (Gray) x 1
    • Soldering BC2 Tip x 1
    • Anti-slip Cap x 1
    • USB-C Silicone Cable x 1
    • User Manual x 1
    • Power: 65W.
    • Temperature stability: ±2%.
    • Soldering tip resistance to ground: <2Ω.
    • Temperature range: 50℃ - 400℃ (max).
    • Max operation ambient temperature: 40°C.
    • OLED screen.
    • USB-C and DC5525 port.