TEC1-12704 Thermoelectric Power Generator Peltier Module

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This magical cells based on the Peltier effect are capable of generating electric power. 

Thermoelectric Power Generators also are known as TEG or Peltier Module create a detects temperature differential on each side. You can take the advantage of this temperature differential detection to generate electricity.

After applying the heat on one side and cold on other side the device will start generating the voltage which depends upon the value of applied heat. 

A Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) module is a semiconductor-based electronic component that functions as a small generator. 

  • Rate Voltage: (V) 12 DC (15.5 MAX)
  • Operating Current: Imax 12A
  • Maximum Temperature: (°C)  60
  • Length (mm): 40
  • Width (mm): 40
  • Height (mm): 4.2
  • Wire Length (mm): 100