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STC-1000 12VDC Temperature Controller

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    The STC-1000 12VDC Temperature Controller is a self-contained heating / cooling controller that operates on 12VDC and can control either AC or DC loads of up to 10A.

      • Large 3-digit display of measured temperature
      • Operates in both a heating and cooling mode of operation
      • Programmable settings for temp set point, temp hysteresis, compressor delay and temperature calibration.
      • Waterproof NTC temperature sensor has -50 to +99.9°C measurement range with ±1°C accuracy
      • Over temperature and sensor failure audible and visual alarm
      • Unit temperature reading can be calibrated
      • Relays switch up to 120/240VAC @ 10A or 15VDC @ 10A
      • 12VDC module operation

      This unit can be used for controlling many different heating and cooling devices such as heaters, refrigerators, freezers, heat tapes, vivariums, fermentation tanks, industrial equipment and other temperature controlled systems.

      It contains two independent output relays that can be turned ON or OFF as temperature rises or lowers past a thermal threshold that you set.  You can also set a temperature differential between heating and cooling, set a compressor delay to avoid turning a compressor on and off too frequently as well as apply a calibration offset to the temperature reading.

      A built in MCU allows you to configure the module using the display and 4 pushbuttons.  All settings can be saved into non-volatile memory and are preserved during a power cycle.

      The temperature is sensed by a waterproof NTC thermistor that has a range of -50°C to 99.9°C (-58°F to 211°F) .  The sensor cable is about 36″ long, but it is possible to splice the wire to lengthen the cable if needed.

      The relays are rated for up to 120/240VAC @ 10A and 15VDC @ 10A.  When one of the relays is energized a red Heat or Cool LED is lit.    It is also possible to use the relays on this module to switch higher power relays or contactors if you want to control a lot of power.