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Arduino Smart Motorhome Kit

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    When it comes to programming, many think it difficult. However, KEYES group issues a smart motorhome kit to cope with this problem. This is a low-cost, easy-to-build and open source programming kit. In fact, it integrates a smart home and a robot car.

    In compliance with the tutorial, you can create your own robot by boards, slot connection and wiring.

    It also has a temperature humidity sensor and an LCD display except LED, line tracking sensor, ultrasonic sensor, Bluetooth module and motor driving modules. Furthermore, the detailed projects will guide you to learn the working principle of sensors and modules.
    If interested in STEM and code programming, you can customize your
    smart motorhome by altering code and adding extra modules.
    That sounds entertaining, right? Let’s get started!

    • Multi-purpose function:obstacle avoidance, line tracking, Bluetooth control, ultrasonic follow, smart sensation and so on.
    • Easy to build:Slot connection and without soldering circuit
    • Novel style:Adopt strong wood board, acrylic board, RGB and lcd1602 modules.
    • High extension:configure motor driving chip, preserve IIC, UART and SPI port and expand other sensor and module.
    • Basic programming learning:use C language and code
    • Working voltage: 5v
    • Input voltage: 7-12V
    • Maximum output current: 3A
    • Maximum power dissipation: 15W
    • Motor speed: 200 rpm (4.5V)
    • Motor driving form: TB6612 chip drive
    • Ultrasonic sensing angle: <15 degrees
    • Ultrasonic detection distance: 2cm-400cm
    • Bluetooth remote control distance: 50 meters (measured)
    • Bluetooth APP control: support Android and iOS system