Shift Register (74HC595)

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  • Color: mainly black.
  • Material: durable hard alloy and plastic.
  • 100% brand new and high quality L293D DIP 16-pin IC Stepper Motor Drive Controlle.
  • Channel Capability: 600mA output current / channel.
  • Peak Output Current: 1.2A / Channel (non repetitive).
  • Enable facility.
  • Over temperature protection.
  • Logical /0/ input voltage up to 1.5V (High noise immunity).
  • Internal clamp diodes.
  • Pin No: 16 pi.

  • Vs Supply voltage: 36V.
  • Vss Logic Supply Voltage: 36V.
  • Vi Input signals: 7V.
  • Ven Enable Voltage: 7V.
  • Io Peak Output Current (100 mu;s non repetitive): 1.2A.
  • Ptot Total Power Dissipation at Tpi: 90deg;C, 4W.
  • Tstg, Tj Storage and Junction temperature: -40deg;C to 150deg;C.
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