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Addressable RGB LED Matrix - 8x8 (NeoPixel)

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    Everyone loves lighting, especially RGB LED :) This is an 8x8 NeoPixel WS2812B LED Matrix panel. You can control all 64 ultra-bright LEDs using a single pin from a microcontroller, set each LED as you wish to scroll messages or draw little images. 

    You can use this matrix just like any other NeoPixel-compatible product.

    With 64 LEDs, you can have up to 1.2A of current draw if all the LEDs are on bright white. You can use 5V 3A and combine with DC Jack (female) to the terminal adapter. For portable use, if you are drawing less than 2A, you can try using Power Bank.

    • Waterproof: No
    • Basic Colors: Red, Green, Blue (24-Bit RGB Resolution)
    • LED Chip Model: SMD5050
    • Power Source: 5VDC
    • LED type: SMD
    • Model Number: WS2812B chip LED
    • Max Power Consumption (W): 0.24W x 64= 3.84W
    • No of LEDs: 8×8 = 64 LEDs in total


    • 5V – This should be a regulated supply voltage 5VDC. More than 5.5VDC could harm the LED, less than 5V will either reduce brightness, or it just won’t turn on.
    • GND – The common, ground, 0V reference supply voltage.
    • DOUT – Data is shifted out of this pin, to be connected to the input of another pixel or left floating if it is the last link in the chain.