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Recording Module with 0.5W Speaker

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  • Features
    • Main chip: ISD1820
    • Size: 38mm * 42.5mm
    • Working voltage: DC 3-5V
    • easy to use 10 seconds voice recording and playback
    • high quality, natural voice reproduction
    • can be used as a megaphone module
    • with loop play, jog play, single pass play function
    • can be controlled by single chip microcomputer
    • this module can directly drive 8 Euro 0.5W small speaker

    • Recording and playback control mode: button control or single-chip microcomputer, control line IO has been led;
    • Button control recording and playback operation method: 
    • REC button: Record button, press and hold to record, release button to stop recording; 
    • play button: trigger mode playback, press to play the current entire segment of the voice; 
    • play button: jog mode put Tone, press and hold to play, release to stop playback; 
    • RPL jumper: loop playback mode control, can be played cyclically; 
    • FT jumper: through control, can make microphone voice through to the speaker playback;