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PWM Signal Generator for Stepper Motor Driver

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    This Stepper Motor Controller Board is based on the TOSHIBA 2SC5200. This board can provide a 2.5 kHz-68 kHz frequency, power signal for the stepper driver. This board can be used to generate PWM signals for the stepper motor driver, it has onboard buttons for the CW and CCW rotation of the stepper motor. The speed of the motor can be varied through the onboard potentiometer. When the board generates a frequency pulse signal, the high and low-frequency signals can be selected by the onboard jumper. This module is supplied as a stepper drive signal. To control the stepper motor, but also must have the drive to use. The controller has a high, medium and low total of three types of frequency signals that can be used to select a jumper.

    • Power Supply Voltage: 15-160V / 5-12V
    • High Frequency: 5.8KHZ-127KHZ
    • Mid Frequency: 590HZ-15.8KHZ
    • Low Frequency: 82HZ-2.3KHZ
    • Measuring Frequency Interface: PUL, GND
    • This is a pulse module, that can provide 2.5 KHZ-68 KHZ frequency, and supply signal to the stepper driver.
    • If you want to control the stepper motor, you still must use a motor driver.
    • If you want to change the frequency range, you can change the C46 capacitance.
    • Motor reversing and the rotation, stop and run can be controlled by keys.
    • Motor speed can be controlled by adjusting the potentiometer.