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PC817 DIP-4 Optocoupler (2 pcs)

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    PC817 Photo-Transistor IntegrationIt is in DIP-4 sheath. PC817 Integration is in Optocoupler category and it is integrated with Transistor Output. The PC817 Transistor Output Photo-Transistor Integrator has 1 channel in total. The PC817 photo-transistor Integrator offers an output current up to 50mA. This photo-transistor IC is insulated against voltages up to 5kV.

    In order to see the functions and functions of the PC817 Transistor Output Integration in more detail, be sure to review the datasheet of this Integration.

    • Name of the product: PC817
    • Product Category: Optocoupler
    • Product Sub-Category: Transistor Output Integration
    • Package Type: DIP-4
    • Number of Channels: One
    • Output Current: 50mA