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Mini Coreless Vibration Motor

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    The cylinder coreless vibrating motor belongs to DC, permanent magnet, micro motors. In the structure, it breaks through the rotor structure of the traditional motor and uses a coreless rotor. This novel rotor structure completely eliminates the loss caused by the eddy current of the iron core in the conventional motor.  Due to the changes in the rotor structure, the operating characteristics of the motor are greatly improved. Not only does it have outstanding energy-saving characteristics, but more importantly, it has control and drag characteristics that can not be achieved by iron core motors.

    Compared with other types of motors, 716 3.7v 18000RPM Coreless Vibration Motor have obvious cost advantages and are therefore can be widely used in various fields: need to provide tactile feedback, such as mobile phones, flat panels and various wearable devices; need to provide vibration, such as various massages Products and so on.

    • Rated voltage: 3 V
    • Rated current: 50mA
    • Speed: 18000 rpm
    • Diameter: 7 mm
    • Length: 16.5 mm
    • Shaft length: 6.3 mm
    • Shaft diameter: 0.5 mm
    • Weight: 2.5 g