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L298P PWM Motor Drive Shield Expansion Board

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    This board will allow you to control multiple motors and control them at the same time. It can connect to two big beefy DC motors that can take up to 2A each and one servo motor! It also has digital and analog pins as well, and Bluetooth interface, and Ultrasonic sensor pins! Even more, it has an on-board buzzer and LEDs that indicate. With this board, you can build a full car! What is nice about this board is you can connect it on top of the Arduino Uno and it will power up the digital circuit. However, powering big motors cannot be done with Arduino, therefore it must be connected to an external power source 6.5-12V.

    • Supply voltage for the logic ICs; 5V
    • Supply voltage for driving the motors: 4.8 - 24V
    • Motor current capabilities: 2A per channel
    • Dedicated servo motor pins
    • Bluetooth interface
    • Ultrasonic sensor pins
    • On-board buzzer
    • On-board LEDs
    • Can be attached to Arduino Uno
    • On-board protection diodes
    • Complete tutorial with Arduino code example can be found here.