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G1200 12MP 1-1200X Digital Microscope

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    Digital microscopes are equipped with digital cameras that will allow images to be captured and displayed on a large screen. At least with the new G1200 digital microscope. A microscope that boasts a 7-inch screen with FullHD resolution and a magnification capacity of up to 1200x.


    Adjustable 12 MP sensor

    You will be able to see all objects with great clarity. For this purpose, it boasts an adjustable 12MP sensor, which you can adapt to all light conditions. Digital microscopes work as a camera, not as an adaptable sensor, having a timer of up to 10 seconds, possessing continuous shooting and being able to capture photos in color, black and white and with different image qualities. It has the ability to place objects from 10mm to wherever you want. And, most importantly, it is a microscope with a magnification capacity of up to 1200x. It also allows you to record the images.

    No more having to get close to the microscope to see the images. This new G1200 digital microscope carries a screen up to 7 inches with FullHD resolution and adjustable brightness. You can also activate its high dynamic range HDR (if you activate it, the video recording function will be turned on). This screen will activate a screen saver when you are not using it and it will save power while you are not using it. You can even forget to turn it off as it will do it automatically.

    On this screen you will be able to view and take images like a photograph, a video camera and play back the images you have taken. You can send the images to your PC too, or save them to your SD card slot. 

    • Magnification capacity up to 1200x.
    • 7-inch screen with FullHD resolution, screen saver and automatic power-off.
    • Adaptable sensor with timer.
    • Different modes of use: recording, camera and playback.
    • Model: G1200
    • Digital microscope
    • Display:
      • 7-inch LCD screen
      • Resolution: 1080 px, 720 px
      • High dynamic range HDR
      • Exposure compensation: 7 degrees
    • Sensor:
      • 12 MP adaptable sensor (1.3 MP, 2 MP, 5MP, 8 MP. 10 MP, 12 MP)
      • Timer: 0 seconds, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds
      • With continuous shooting: 3 consecutive shots
      • Photo quality: High quality, Standard, Low quality
      • Color: Normal, Black and White
      • ISO: Auto / 100/200/400
      • 8 LED lights
      • Video recording capacity
      • Magnification: 1-1200x
    • Object distance: 10mm - infinity
    • Features:
      • Supports 128 GB MicroSD card
      • Screen saver function
      • Auto power off function
      • Recording mode / Camera mode / Playback mode
    • Supported languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Czech, Chinese
    • Power supply: micro USB connection