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Arduino Self-balancing Car Kit

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    This is a self-balancing car that runs only on two wheels!. Using sensors and two high torque motors, you will be able to not only keep the car from falling, but also to move it in many directions using the Keyestudio app on your phone!

    By using this kit, you will be able to do the following three main functions:

    • Balance Control: keep the car upright and balanced by controlling the forward and backward rotation of the car’s wheel.
    • Speed Control: realize the front and rear movement and speed control by controlling the inclination of the car. This is achieved by controlling the speed of the motor.
    • Direction Control: realize the steering control by controlling the rotational speed differences between the two motors of the car.

    Please note that batteries are not included in the kit. You will need to get 3 batteries of the 18650 lithium ion batteries. 1