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Arduino Mini Tank Robot Kit

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    This tank robot car kit is compatible with Arduino and Mixly ((block programming platform) , ideal for Arduino beginners and professionals to learn robotics, electronics and programming. Teenagers or adults can learn coding from Scratch to Arduino after assembly and get a lot of fun of making. 

    This kit has many excellent functions, detecting, avoiding and following obstacles; following the lights; using 8X16 LED panel to display the movement status. You can also use infrared remote control and Bluetooth APP to control it (support iOS and Android).Have fun in the process of learning Arduino.

    1. Multi-purpose: Obstacle avoidance, follow, IR remote control, Bluetooth control, light following, ultrasonic follow and displayed face emoticons.
    2. Simple assembly: No soldering circuit required, complete assembly easily.
    3. High Tenacity: Aluminum alloy bracket, metal motors, high quality wheels and tracks.
    4. High extension: expand other sensors and modules through motor driver shield and sensor shield
    5. Multiple controls: IR remote control, App control(IOS and Android system)
    6. Basic programming language code of Arduino IDE.
    • Working voltage: 5v
    • Input voltage: 7-12V
    • Maximum output current: 2A
    • Maximum power dissipation: 25W (T=75℃)
    • Motor speed: 5V 200 rpm/min
    • Motor drive mode: dual H bridge drive (L298P)
    • Ultrasonic induction angle: <15 degrees
    • Ultrasonic detection distance: 2cm-400cm
    • Infrared remote control distance: 10 meters (measured)
    • Bluetooth remote control distance: 50 meters (measured)