74LS107 (Dual JK flip-flop)

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The '107 contain two independent J-K flip-flops with individual J-K, clock, and direct clear inputs. The '107 is a positive pulse-triggered flip-flop. The J-K input data is loaded into the master while the clock is high and transferred to the slave and the outputs on the high-to-low clock transition. For these devices the J and K inputs must be stable while the clock is high.

  • Channels (#) 2
  • Technology Family LS
  • VCC (Min) (V) 4.75
  • VCC (Max) (V) 5.25
  • Input type TTL
  • Output type TTL
  • Clock Frequency (MHz) 30
  • ICC (Max) (uA) 6000
  • IOL (Max) (mA) 8
  • IOH (Max) (mA) -0.4
  • Features Negative edge triggered, High speed (tpd 10-50ns), Clear