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6V 300RPM DC Micro Metal Gearmotor

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    This small yet powerful motor is a great solution for the small-sized robot. Many are using it to build the small-sized mobile robot for sumo, small automation model and of course other application too. With the standard size and variety of gear ratio, users can always change the motor without changing the existing robot design. The gearbox output shaft is a D-shaped with 9mm long and 3mm in diameter. There are several types o wheels that you may use together with this motor. The nominal voltage is 6V, yet we have tried to drive this motor from 5V to 9V. Lower voltage might not have enough torque to drive the wheel or mechanism; higher voltage will provide higher torque and higher speed, but it will shorten the life of the motor.  
    • Rated voltage: 6VDC
    • Tested voltage range: 5V to 9V
    • Speed at no load, 6V: 300rpm
    • Shaft: D-shaped with 3mm diameter, 9mm in length