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5V Micro USB Lithium Battery (18650) Charging Board (TP4056) (BMS)

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    Single-cell lithium base battery charger & protection module. The charging will be via a micro B connector. Lithium base battery includes Li-po and Li-ion battery as the charging and discharging characteristic is similar.

    The USB micro B connector power input offers direct charging using widely available nowadays with power bank and also Android phone charger. With a maximum charging current of 1A, your battery can be charged faster and of course, do make sure the 5V input has sufficient power to provide more than 1A.

    It comes with a TP4056 charging IC.


    • Single Cell Lithium-based battery charger.
    • USB Micro B connector for power input
    • 5V input pads for DIY/custom input.
    • Input Voltage: 5VDC
    • Charging voltage limit: 4.2VDC
    • Minimum discharge voltage: 2.5VDC
    • Maximum discharge current: 3A