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5V DC Stepper Motor & Drive Module

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    Stepper motors are great motors for position control. Steppers are a special segment of brushless motors. They are purposely built for high-holding torque. This high-holding torque gives the user the ability to incrementally “step” to the next position. This results in a simple positioning system that doesn’t require an encoder. This makes stepper motor controllers very simple to build and use.

    • 28BYJ-48 Stepper motor
    • A, B, C, D four-phase LED indicates the status of the stepper motor work.
    • Drive Module Board Size (approx.): 34x31x15 mm
    • Drive Module Board ULN2003
    • Rated voltage: 5V DC
    • Speed Variation Ratio: 1 / 64
    • Stepper motor cable length (approx.): 270 mm
    • Stepper Motor diameter (approx.): 27 mm
    • Stepper motor with a standard interface, when used directly pluggable.
    • Stride Angle: 5.625° /64