5V 2A Wireless Charging transmitter and Receiver Modules

Part ID: VT-1461
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  • Transmitter module size: length 17mm width 11mm height 2.5mm
  • Receiver module size: length 24mm width 10mm height 5.5mm
  • Transmitting and receiving coil size: outer diameter 38mm inner diameter 28mm thickness 1.3mm
  • Connection method: 1 pin connected to the negative pole of the power supply; 2 feet connected to the positive pole of the power supply; 3 and 4 feet connected to the external transmitting coil
  • Transmitter module working voltage: 5V~12V
  • Transmitter module operating current: automatically increase or decrease with the receiving load current
  • Maximum output current of the receiving module: 2A
  • Transmitting distance: 1~20m