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1.28" round IPS Color TFT LCD Display

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    • Operating voltage: 3.3V/5V
    • Interface: SPI
    • LCD type: IPS
    • Controller: GC9A01
    • Resolution: 240(H)RGB x 240(V)
    • Display size: Φ32.4mm
    • Pixel size: 0.135(H)x0.135(V)mm
    • Dimension: 40.4×37.5(mm) Φ37.5(mm)
    • LCD and the controller
    • The driver used in this LCD is GC9A01, with a resolution of 240RGB×240 dots and 129600 bytes of GRAM inside. This LCD supports 12-bits/16-bits/18-bits data bus by MCU interface, which are RGB444, RGB565, RGB666.
    • For most LCD controllers, the communication method of the controller can be configured, they are usually using 8080 parallel interface, 3-line SPI, 4-line SPI, and other communication methods. This LCD uses a 4-line SPI interface for reducing GPIO and fast speed.LCD
    • If you are wondering which point is the first pixel of the screen (because the screen is round), you can understand it as a square screen with an inscribed circle drawn in it, and it only displays the content in this inscribed circle. The pixels in other locations are simply discarded (just like most round smartwatches on the market)