Methan Natural Gas Sensor (MQ-4)

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MQ4 methane gas sensor is a MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) type sensor, used to detect the methane gas concentration within the air at either home or industries & generates output like analog voltage by reading it. Here, the range of concentration for sensing ranges from 300 pm – 10,000 ppm which is appropriate for the detection of a leak.


  • Sensitivity is good for combustible gas in an extensive range
  • Sigh sensitivity for natural gas, methane gas
  • Small sensitivity for smoke and alcohol
  • Quick responsive, long life and stable
  • The drive circuit is simple
  • Load resistance is 20KΩ
  • Detecting resistance ranges from 10KΩ to 60KΩ
  • Preheat time is above 24Hrs
  • The required voltage is 5V
  • DO output: is 0.1 to 5V
  • AO output is 0.1 to 0 .3 V
  • Detection gas is methane or natural
  • The concentration of detection ranges from 200 to 10000ppm
  • Interface : TTL compatible input & output
  • Heater utilization is low than 750mw
  • Operating temperature ranges from 14 to 122 ° Fahrenheit or -10 to 50°Centigrade