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HDMI to USB Capture Card

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    This HDMI to USB card can covert HDMI input to a USB that you view using any app on your PC or MAC. You can use it to display the Raspberry Pi screen from your laptop instead of connecting a whole new screen.


    Connection operations:

    • Connect the UHD signal source and the HDMI input port of the USB capture card through 1 HDMI cable;
    • Connect the display port and the HDMI output port of the USB capture card through 1 HDMI cable;
    • Connect the USB port of the computer and the USB port of the capture card through a USB cable;
    • Acquisition operation steps (OBS): Open the software, add a new source, select "video capture device', set the screen size,
    • Select 'Studio Mode' (dual window), click 'Start Recording'
    • Support HDMI loop out;
    • Support input max resolution 4K;
    • Support output max resolution 1080P;
    • Support AWG26 HDMI standard cable: input up to 15 meters, (1080P and below resolution);
    • Support most acquisition software, such as for VLC, for OBS, for Amcap, etc;
    • Support for Windows, for Android, and for macOS;
    • Conform to USB Video and UVC standard;
    • Conform to USB Audio UAC standard;
    • Compact and portable.

    • Material: ABS, Fireproof PC
    • HDMI resolution: Max input can be 4K
    • Support video format:8/10/12bit Deep color
    • Video output format: YUV, JPEG
    • Video output resolution: Max output can be 1080P
    • Support audio format: L-PCM
    • Input cable distance:?15m, AWG26 HDMI standard cable
    • Max working current:0.7A/5VDC
    • Operating Temperature Range:-10 to +55?