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Water Level Sensor Switch

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    This Water Level Sensor Float Switch is a sensor used to sense the level of the liquid within a tank, it may further trigger a pump, an indicator, an alarm, or other device. Connecting it to controller such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino will enable more possible application.

    This water level float sensor is very easy to use. Act as a mechanical switch or dry contact, extended out into 2 wires. There is a float-able cylinder component surrounding the sensor. When the cylinder and at the bottom, the switch is open. When water level rises, it push the cylinder upwards and the switch closes.  Because the output of sensor act like a switch, this sensor is compatible with any microcontroller including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit, and more.

    • Simple to use water level sensor
    • Dry contact output, act like a switch, or reed switch.
    • Fully conceal, submerge-able
    • Liquid or water level detector
    • Model No. : ZP4510
    • Max Contact Rating : 10W
    • Max Switching Voltage : 220V DC/AC
    • Max Switching Current : 0.5A
    • Max Breakdown Voltage : 300V DC/AC
    • Max Carry Current : 1A
    • Max Contact Resistance : 100m ohm
    • Temperature Rating : -10 / +85 Celsuis
    • Float Ball Material : P.P
    • Float Body Material : P.P
    • Thread Dia(Approx) : 9.5mm / 0.374"
    • Switch Body Size : 23.3 x 57.7mm / 0.9" x 2.27"(Max D*H)
    • Cable Length : 36cm / 14.2"
    • Color : White
    • Net Weight : 70g
    • Mounting hole size: 10mm