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TTGO LoRa32 SX1276 OLED Development Board

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    The TTGO LoRa32 SX1276 OLED is an ESP32 development board with a built-in LoRa chip and an SSD1306 0.96 inch OLED display. In this guide, we’ll show you how to: send and receive LoRa packets (point to point communication) and use the OLED display with Arduino IDE.

    • Main chip: espressif esp32 and SX1276
    • Operating voltage: 3.3V to 7V
    • Flash:32M-Bits
    • Main Frequency:240MHZ
    • Support frequency:868-915MHZ
    • Lora chip:SX1276
    • Distance: about 2.8KM in open place
    • Computing power: 600DMIPS
    • Dual-mode Bluetooth: traditional Bluetooth and BLE low-power Bluetooth
    • Development environment: support arduino
    • USB adapter chip: cp2102
    • Operating temperature range: -40 ° C to + 90 ° C
    • Support modes: Sniffer, Station, softAP and Wi-Fi Direct  
    • Data rate: 150 Mbps @ 11n HT40,72 Mbps @ 11n HT20,54 Mbps @ 11g, 11 Mbps @ 11b
    • Transmit power: 19.5 dBm @ 11b, 16.5 dBm @ 11g, 15.5 dBm @ 11n
    • Receiver sensitivity up to - 98 dBm
    • UDP continues to throughput by 135 Mbps