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TEC1-04905 Thermoelectric Cooler 5V 5A Peltier Module

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    Also known as the Magic Plate, this cooler uses Peltier effect that can generate electricity! Essentially when you apply power one side will heat up and the other side will cool down. If you create a differential system you could essentially generate electricity but not enough to power you phone… 

    Typically the side with Product number is the cooled side and the back side is the warm side. You can test this by applying 1.5v from a AA battery on the leads for 5-10 seconds and feeling the plate.

    We recommend placing a heatsink on the hot side to optimal performance.

    This module is a 5V module, and is rated for ~29W max (up to 5V/5.8A) but when used with a regulated 5V output they don't draw more than 5A so we suggest a 5V/5A power adapter for use.


    • Operating Voltage: up to 5VDC
    • Max Current: 5.8 Amps
    • Wattage: 29Watts
    • Length (mm): 20
    • Width (mm): 20
    • Height (mm): 3.6
    • Wire Length (mm): 90