SPDT Limit Switch with Hinge Roller

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  • Color: red, black and silver 
  • Model: V-156-1C25 
  • Rating: 15A, 1/2Hp, 125/250V AC; 0.6A,125V DC; 0.3A, 250V DC; 0.6A,125V DC; 0.3A, 250V DC 
  • Long hinge lever actuator, 1NO+1NC contact configurations, 3 terminals. 
  • Size of Switch: 1.1× 0.63× 0.39in 
  • Diameter of Fixing Hole: 0.13in 
  • Height of Button: 0.12in 
  • Actuator Size: 2.0× 0.16in 
  • Width of Terminal: 0.19in 
  • Material: plastic and metal 
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