PWM to voltage module 0%-100% PWM converted to 0-10V voltage

Part ID: VT-1570
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The PWM to voltage module is capable of converting a digital signal into a 0 to 10V analog signal. Can be used for signal interface conversion of PLC or other industrial control boards. The output voltage is adjusted by adjusting the duty cycle of the PWM. The module is small in size and easy to apply in different places.


  • The peak value is 4.5V to 10V, and the jumper is inserted at 5V. This type of level signal is mainly for the interface of the 5V CPU of the conventional industrial control card (such as MACH3 board).
  • Easy to operate, can be fine-tuned by potentiometer
  • Select the PWM signal input level range by short circuit
  • The module is small, easy to carry and easy to use
  • Module working voltage: DC12V-30V (power supply requirement: greater than 100MA)
  • PWM signal receiving frequency range: 1KHZ-3KHZ
  • Peak 12 to 24V level, jump pin inserted at 24V. This type of level signal is mainly for the conventional PLC interface.
  • Conversion range: 0%-100% PWM conversion to 0-10V voltage
  • Allowable error: 5%
  • Size:33.14mm*33.02mm