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Clearance Sale: Pro'skit Anemometer MT-4615

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    Measuring range 0.8~40m/s
    Accuracy 0.80~30.00 m/s, 1.40~108.00 km/h, 1.30~98.50 ft/s, 0.80~58.30 knots,
    0.90~67.20 mil/h, 78~5900 ft/m, ±(2.0% + 50D)
    30.00~40.00 m/s, 108.0~144.0 km/h, 98.50~131.20 ft/s,
    58.30~77.70 knots, 67.20~90.00 mil/h, 5900~7874 ft/m,(only for reference)
    Resolution 0.01m/s,0.01km/h,0.01 ft/s,0.01knots,0.01mile/h,1ft/m
    Unit Air Velocity: m/s、km/h、mil/h、ft/m、ft/s、knots
    Air Volume:CMS (m3/s), CMM m3/min, CFM (ft³/min)
    30~40m/s only for reference
    Sensor Conventional arm angle to the impeller
    Sampling time 0.4s
    Auto power off 10 minutes (adjustable)
    Low battery indication <7V
    Operation environment 0~85%RH, 0°C~40°C(no condense)
    Fan Operation environment 0~95%RH, -20°C~80°C(no condense)
    Storage environment 0~80%RH, -20°C~80°C(no condense)
    Operating altitude Max. 2000m
    Power source 9V 6F22 (not included)
    Weight 154 g (w/o battery)
    Dimension 170 x 85 x 40mm
    Accessories Pouch bag, user manual