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Five Key Gamepad Module

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    This module provides a 5 button keypad in a gamepad style arrangement. The module provides feedback on the buttons pressed through a single analog connection. This output voltage can be monitored and interpreted to determine the various button presses, reducing the requirement on sockets within microcontroller projects.
    • 5 buttons occupy an analog port, saving resources
    • Analog acquisition, press the different buttons of different voltage output
    • High quality Omron button, sensitive and durable
    • For arduino platform, compatible with arduino sensor interface
    • Products include
    • AD Keyboard Analog keyboard module
    • Provides schematics, arduino test code
    • Operating voltage: Operating voltage controller
    • Data Type: analog signal
    • Interface Type: PH 2.5-3P
    • Size: 68 x 33mm(approx)