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eSUN eBOX Lite Filament Dryer

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    The eBOX Lite is a cost-effective storage filament dry box with constant temperature and humidity, moisture-proof and dust-proof and heating function specially developed by eSUN for 3D printing filaments.

    The eSUN filament dryer's upper cover is made of transparent material, which helps to observe the remaining of filaments in real time;

    The curved heating plate and the sheet metal heat conduction plate design make the heat more uniform and easier to maintain constant temperature and humidity;

    Heat insulation and flame retardant insulation cotton are placed on both sides of the filament dryer, which are safe and anti-scald, and also have the function of heat preservation;

    The filament dry box's fan adopts a long-life and low-noise turbo fan, which has good effect and low noise;

    eSUN filament dryer also has wide compatibility with most of the 0.5/1KG, 1.75/2.85mm filaments on the market such as PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, ePA, ePA-CF, ePA-GF, PC, TPU-95A, etc.