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Cytron Maker Line Following Sensor

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    Maker Line is a line sensor with 5 x IR sensors array that is able to track line from 13 mm to 30 mm width.

    The sensor calibration is also simplified. There is no need to adjust the potentiometer for each IR sensor. You just have to press the calibrate button for 2 seconds to enter calibration mode. Afterwards you need to sweep the sensors array across the line, press the button again and you are good to go.

    The calibration data is saved in EEPROM and it will stay intact even if the sensor has been powered off. Thus, calibration only needs to be carried out once unless the sensor height, line color or background color has changed.

    Maker Line also supports dual outputs: 5 x digital outputs for the state of each sensor independently, which is similar to conventional IR sensor, but you get the benefit of easy calibration, and also one analog output, where its voltage represents the line position. Analog output also offers higher resolution compared to individual digital outputs. This is especially useful when high accuracy is required while building a line following robot with PID control.

    • Operating Voltage: DC 3.3 V and 5 V compatible (with reverse polarity protection)

    • Recommended Line Width: 13 mm to 30 mm

    • Selectable line color (light or dark)

    • Sensing Distance (Height): 4 mm to 40 mm (Vcc = 5 V, Black line on white surface)

    • Sensor Refresh Rate: 200 Hz

    • Easy calibration process

    • Dual Output Types: 5 x digital outputs represent each IR sensor state, 1 x analog output represents line position.

    • Support wide range of controllers such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.