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CCTREE Red Flexible TPU Filament - 1 KG - 1.75 mm

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    CCTREE TPU Flexible Filament is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) based filament specifically engineered to work on most desktop 3D printers. It has a shore hardness of 100A and can stretch 3 times more than its original length. Excellent bed adhesion, low-warp and low-odor, make these flexible 3D filaments easy to print

    Rubber-like, extremely flexible and durable. Long-term keeping the natural color and luster; Soft and Stretchable.More wearable and weathering proof. Great for a variety of projects, such as shoe insoles, watch bands, phone cases, drone parts and more! Advanced spooling technique to avoid filament tangling

    Printing Tips: Flexible Filament does not feed well on all 3D printers. Please check your printer specifications before ordering. Only available in 1.75mm diameter.It's better to work on direct drive extruders. Please print slowly and read the tips if you are bowden.

    CCTREE TPU filament Compatible with all FDM printers on the market which accept 1.75 mm filament,such as Creality,Ultimaker, RepRap derivatives, MakerBot, Makergear, Prusa i3, Monoprice MakerSelect and mor

    • Base Material: TPU
    • Diameter: 1.75 mm
    • Tolerance: ± 0.03mm
    • Net Weight: 1 kg
    • Loop Length: 315 m
    • Spool Size: Diameter 195mm + inner hub 55mm + height 60mm
    • Specific Gravity: 0.98 g/cm3
    • Tensile Strength: 50 Mpa
    • Impact Strength: >3 KJ/m2, Izod
    • Hardness: 90-95 SHORE A
    • Extruder Type: Direct Drive/Bowden Tube
    • Layer Height: 0.1-0.4 mm
    • Fill Density: 100%
    • Printing Speed: 20-40 mm/s (Set slow printing rate is important for TPU materials)
    • Printing Temperature: 230 - 240°C (446-464°F)
    • Bed Temperature: 0-50°C (32-112°F) ;
    • Recommended Bed Temperature: 40-50°C (104-112°F)
    • Retraction Speed: 20-55 mm/s
    • Retraction Distance: 3-8 mm