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5mm Addressable RGB LED with built-in WS2811 Driver (2 pcs) (NeoPixel)

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    These LEDs are an easy way to add colorful and complex lighting effects to a project. Each RGB LED contains an integrated WS2811 driver that allows it to be controlled with a high-speed one-wire interface (see the bottom of this page for sample code, including an Arduino library for controlling these LEDs). Multiple LEDs can be connected together to form a chain of RGB LEDs, and the entire chain can be controlled from a single microcontroller pin. These are very similar to the LEDs in our addressable RGB LED strips, but with these discrete LEDs you have far more flexibility in how they are arranged. 

    • One-wire digital control interface
    • Can form a chain of individually-addressable RGB LEDs
    • 24-bit color control (8-bit PWM per channel); 16.8 million colors per pixel
    • 5 V operating voltage
    • Draws approximately 50 mA at 5 V with red, green, and blue at full brightness
    • Color ordering: red, green, blue