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Variable DC Power Supply (0-30 V / 0-10 A)

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    This bench-top power supply is the perfect tool for your laboratory, even homemade projects. The K3010D  DC power supply is a single output, high-precision, dual-display switching DC power supply. It has a complete operation protection function, high efficiency, low ripple, high stability, and small size. Current limit protection can protect the power supply and load from accidental damage. The K3010D power supply is equipped with a temperature control circuit, intelligent heat dissipation, and low noise.


    • Have complete operating protection function
    • Highly efficient, low ripple, small volume, lightweight
    • Double display voltage, current, and high precision
    • Voltage stabilization, current limiting, simple operation
    • Dual voltage input and convenient choice
    • Temperature control fan heat dissipation, low noise
    • Double potentiometer, more precise adjustment
    • Input voltage: 220V
    • Output voltage: 0 - 30V
    • Output current: 0 - 10A
    • Voltage resolution: 0.1V
    • Current resolution: 0.01A
    • Power effect: CV less than or equal 1%+10mV
    • Effect of load: CV less than or equal 1%+10mV
    • Ripple and noise: Vp-p less than or equal 1%