XH-M145 Digital Power Amplifier Board

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  • This power amplifier board adopts imported new chip YD138-E chip. The chip has over-current protection thermal protection and noise reduction.
  • Wide voltage working range DC 9-14V current 2A and above can work normally.
  • Powerful and powerful large dynamic range small to squeak large to cannon sound can be very good performance very small distortion. The 8 ohm load is 2*8W and the ohm load is 2*12W.
  • Chip Model: YDA138-E
  • Recommended voltage: 12V1.5A
  • Channel Type: Dual Channel
  • Sex Ratio: 92%
  • Output power: 8W +8 W (8 oh speakers) 12W +12 W (4 European speakers)
  • Product Size: 58 * 36 * 21MM (without potentiometer protruding part)
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