Quadruped Robot Kit with Remote Control (Arduino Based)

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Supported devices:
You can use the following devices to control this robot:

Laptop or desktop computer with Wi-Fi adapter. (Run Windows, Mac or Linux, including Raspberry Pi)

*Android device:
Android phone or tablet. (Run Android 4.2 or later)

*Remote control:
Freenove remote control. (FNK0028, included in this kit)

Tutorial and code:
We provide detailed tutorial(PDF) and complete code, you can download them before purchasing:


Android APP:
You can use your Android device to control this robot:

*View on Google Play:

*Download APK file:

Package includes:
*For robot:
1 set x Acrylic Parts (18 pieces)
1 set x Mechanical Parts (8 kinds)
1 x Calibration Graph
1 x Freenove Crawling Robot Controller
1 x ESP8266 WiFi Module
1 x USB Cable
12 x EMAX ES08AII Servo
50cm x Cable Tidy
1 x Cross Screwdriver

*For remote control:
1 set x Acrylic Parts (5 pieces)
1 set x Machinery Parts (3 kinds)
1 x Freenove UNO
1 x Freenove Smart Car Remote Shield
1 x 9V Battery Holder
2 x NRF24L01 Module
1 x USB Cable
1 x Cross Screwdriver
1 x Multifunctional Spanner

Self-prepared Parts:
*For robot:
2 x 14500 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery (Refer to tutorial for detailed information)

*For remote control:
1 x 9V battery