QuadHands Base

Part ID: VT-2387
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  • NEVER TIPS OR WOBBLES - Whether you have your QuadHands Base mounted securely to a Panavise product or simply leave it freestanding, it won't wobble or tip over even with the helping hand metal arms fully loaded with components. That's because the hefty powder coated steel base weighs in at almost 3 and a half pounds. The industrial grade rubber feet won't slip or move, and they even protect your work surface from scuffs and scratches.
  • 4 FULLY FLEXIBLE ARMS - Each steel gooseneck arm can be easily manipulated into any position you want. Unlike plastic helping hand arms, ours won't' snap back or start to fall even during long projects. Each arm is threaded into the sturdy black rubber feet to ensure an extremely stable component holder. Each alligator clamp tip is made of stainless steel and rotates 360 degrees and locked in place with a knurled thumb knob.
  •  EASY PANAVISE INTEGRATION - The QuadHands Base with 4 built in flexible gooseneck arms is designed to integrate with all Panavise 3-point mount. We provide easy to follow instructions and the 3 nut mounting hardware with each package. That way you can get started right out of the box...no need to supply your own nuts and bolts. Most Panavise products utilize the 3-point mount system, so QuadHands Base works with most Panavise products.