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Maker Pi Pico Expansion board

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    Maker Pi Pico Base incorporates the most wanted Reset button for your Raspberry Pi Pico and gives you access to all GPIO pins on two 20 ways pin-headers, with clear labels. Each GPIO is coupled with an LED indicator for convenient code testing and troubleshooting. The bottom layer of this board even comes with a comprehensive pinout diagram showing the function of each pin. 

    • Work out-of-the-box. No soldering!
    • Access to all Raspberry Pi Pico's pins on two 20 ways pin headers
    • LED indicators on all GPIO pins
    • 3x programmable push button (GP20-22)
    • 1x RGB LED - NeoPixel  (GP28)
    • 1x Piezo buzzer (GP18)
    • 1x 3.5mm stereo audio jack (GP18-19)
    • 1x Micro SD card slot (GP10-15)
    • 1x ESP-01 socket (GP16-17)
    • 6x Grove port