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Double Sided Prototype Solder Board (32 Pcs, 5 Sizes)

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    • 32 pieces double-sided PCB prototype boards well packed in a plastic tray which is very easy to store and take out
    • 5 different size boards to meet your demands when designing your own Arduino kits, electronic experiments, and DIY projects
    • 4 mounting holes at the corners of the board are very convenient for installing them together.
    • Pre-tinned plated holes on the board make it very handy to solder components and sensors for your projects
    • High quality of durable glass fiber –FR4 material with 1.6mm thickness makes a very solid and sturdy prototype circuit board
    • Thickness: about 1.6mm
    • Material: Great quality of glass fiber FR4
    • Color: Green basic, silver tone
    • Hole-pitch: 2.54 mm/ 0.1 inches
    • Hole-diameter: 1 mm/ 0.04 inches
    • 6pcs 4X6CM double-sided PCB board with 280 holes
    • 10pcs 3X7CM double-sided PCB board with 240 holes
    • 7pcs 5X7CM double-sided PCB board with 432 holes
    • 7pcs 2 X 8CM double-sided PCB board with 168 holes
    • 2pcs 7 X 9CM double-sided PCB board with 806 holes