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Creality CR6 SE Full Assembled Hotend kit

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    • Package Included: 1 piece White PTFE Tube, 1 piece 0.4 mm Nozzle, 1 piece CR-6 SE Hot end with cartridge heaters & thermistor included, 1 piece CR-6 SE Fan & Cover, 1 piece CR-6 SE Hot end LED, Fan & Z Pressure controller board, 1 piece Back Plate with rollers, 1 piece Hot-end silicone sock
    • Cooling systerm:Dual fan design promotes more effcient heat dissipation and quick to cure the model, which ensures the high print precision.
    • Smart leveling sensor with high precision:leveling-free sensor with high prcisoion and low porer consumption can transmit the accurate data, the standard deviation is only 0.005mm, No worries to level.
    • High Thermal Conductivity and Quick to Heat: The asvanced thermistor and heating tube assembly can heat quickly and sense the temperature of the nozzle timely.
    • Insulation silicone sock with flame retardant:Equipped with flame retardant material, it has good heat preservation effect and effectively keep the heat block and nozzle clean.