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CCTREE Marble PLA Filament - 1 KG - 1.75 mm

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    CCTREE marble PLA is a biodegradable filament made from renewable 100% virgin materials (corn or starch). Free from impurities, it produces good quality prints while reducing the risk of clogging. It is a non-harmful budget filament ideal for both hobbyists and makers. With a low printing temperature, it can be used on any 3D printer granting stable performance. No heated bed required.

    CCTREE marble PLA flows smoothly and can be easily shaped. It produces strong and stable prints with minimal warping or stringing. It is particularly suitable for creating large, rigid objects with a glossy surface finish. The filament section is perfectly round and uniform. It measures 1.75mm with a tolerance of ± 0.03mm. Its accuracy prevents jammings and kinks. The material is tough, strong and wear-resistant. It is characterized by a low shrinkage rate and optimum layer bonding. The products printed with CCTREE marble PLA will show marble-like surfaces, crisp edges and bright colors. The material texture makes the layer lines almost invisible.

    • Filament diameter 1.75mm
    • Color attribute Solid
    • Color name Marble
    • Dimensional Accuracy ± 0.03mm
    • Elongation at Break 22%
    • Filament density 1.25 g/cm³
    • Flexural Modulus 3,600 MPa
    • Flexural Strength 97 MPa
    • Heat Distortion Temperature (0.45MPa) 78°C
    • Heated bed temperature 0 - 50°C
    • IZOD Impact Strength 3 KJ/㎡
    • Melt Flow Index 12 g/10min (220°C/10KG)
    • Printing temperature 190 - 220 °C
    • Spool size Ø 195mm - 55mm inner hub - 60 mm height
    • Spool weight 1kg
    • Tensile Strength 85 MPa