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HLW8012 Energy Meter Module

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    The HLW8012 is a single phase energy meter IC from HLW Technology. HLM8012 provides RMS current, RMS voltage sampling and RMS active power with an internal clock and a PWM interface in a SOP-8 package.

    The HWL8012 is a 5 Volt IC that monitors both voltage and current and output RMS voltage, current and active power encoded as a 50% duty cycle square wave where the frequency is proportional to the magnitude. The HLW8012 Energy Meter Module can be directly interfaced to Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, Node MCU or any other Microcontroller.

    • Based on HLW8012, single phase energy monitor IC. SOP8 package and simple perpherial circuits. HLW8012 is the backbone of the pressure measurement. And the circuit has an internal ADC circuit.
    • Need to invasive to AC main power. VBe very careful when use it because of the HIGH AC voltage.
    • Rate current is 20 ampere
    • The module uses voltage divider to measure voltage. High accuracy. And use a resistor for measuring current.
    • Use pulse width communication. Compatible with all microcontrollers.
    • Output power, or current or voltage directly by frequency, which can be read by MCU like arduino.
                -    Voltage sense by resistors net.

                -    Current sense by sample resistor