3W PAM8403 Digital Amplifier Board

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Material: PCB Color: blue Size: 21.1 * 18.5 MM Weight: 10G. PAM8403 mini D type digital power amplifier board 1. Working voltage: 2.5v - 5.5v. Note: the power voltage should not exceed 5.5V, and the positive and negative power supply should not be reversed. 2. Loudspeaker: 4-8 euros, recommended: 4 euros; Horn power: 2-8w. 3. It can be powered by 5V power supply of computer USB port, or 5V power supply of mobile phone charger USB port, or lithium battery power supply. 4. High efficiency 90%, 4 Ω load and 5 v power supply conditions, can provide 3 w (left sound channel) + 3 w output power (right sound channel). The efficiency of class A, class B and other power amplifiers is only about 30%, and class D power amplifiers are highly praised under the current green trend. 5. Class D power amplifier has high efficiency, and it will not affect the sound quality due to temperature rise. Besides, it does not need heat dissipator, and it occupies a small volume. 6. The power amplifier board has a built-in de-noising circuit, and there is no PIP noise when the power supply is on/off; The module has short circuit overcurrent protection and over temperature protection. 7. The size of the plate: it is the stretch of the super-microvolume: 1.85*2.11cm Application: LCD TV set, monitor Notebook computer Portable loudspeaker Portable DVD player, video game Mobile phone/hands-free phone Notes for use: First connect the speaker and then connect the power, otherwise it is easy to damage the chip. Because the digital volume control in the module has a large gain, the audio signal input should not be too large to cause the signal cutting limit. Warm tips: dear customers: this shop module is for electronic players with certain electronic knowledge to choose and buy! And when the choose and buy the product, please read the instructions in the product description or product introduction, if don't understand the use of the product we will not to accept, please buy beginners personnel carefully. Frequently asked questions from customers: 1. Can the mini digital power amplifier 2*3W D be powered by computer? Answer: power amplifier board can use computer power supply, but may produce noise (also some customers did not appear noise), had better suggest independent power supply. 2. Is the mini digital power amplifier 2*3W D with the horn effect of the shop? Answer: our loudspeaker only provides DIY players to play, the sound effect is not particularly good, if the customers who pursue high sound effect can buy separately. 3. Mini digital amplifiers 2*3W D type why is the loudspeaker noise after power on? The answer: 1. The noise should be introduced by the audio input line. The masking line should be used to make the audio input line. 2. Another reason may be that the power supply is not good, and some switching power sources have great interference. 3. Try to turn down the sound, or it may be that the input of audio signal is too large and the signal will have cutting limit. Excellent noise suppression, in the case of no input audio, ears on the horn and did not hear any noise, dual channel stereo, 5 v power supply can output 3 w + 3 w power, can direct drive 4 Ω, 8 Ω small speakers, big output power, energy, sound quality is good. The unique class D digital power plate without LC filter can be directly powered by computer USB. Double panel wiring, properly solve wiring caused by ground potential balance and the crosstalk between channels, super mini design, can be easily placed in a variety of digital products within small space, high amplification efficiency. All adopt the machine to carry on the whole plate welding, welding quality non-manual soldering iron welding comparable! Note: the "negative poles" on the left and right channel output cannot be connected together, otherwise it will burn IC, and the speaker (load) should be connected before electrifying.
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